Thursday, January 26, 2012

Peter Paper/Sam Bot

  1. Web translation:
    Created and written by comedian Pippo Franco,
    drawings of Guido Buzzelli's brother, Raoul Buzzelli.
    Published by Ediperiodici. 60 numbers.
    Peter Paper, released from 1972 to 1978 for a total of 60 pocket divided into two series, the first consisting of 32 numbers and the second by 28. In the second, Peter makes a thief from shoulder to the head of international for this becomes: Identikit. Published by Ediperiodici first and then by Publistrip. Reprinted in 1990 are the first three numbers, always dall'Ediperiodici. From 1973 to 1978 was released in France under the name Sam Bot, 62 paperbacks published by Elvifrance.

    Sat Bot is a comedy series of Italian comics, its original title''Peter''Paper. He was one of a series of celebrities who Elvifrance published between 1973 and 1978.

    ''Sat Bot is a timid young Englishman, skinny and bespectacled, but with a huge penis, which led to it being constantly assaulted by women, while just trying to find a job, how it always fails ...

    He has an uncle, Archibald, grumpy old man with a museum of horrors that often sends Sat Bot in dangerous missions. Uncle Archibald is assisted by his butler, Pear Odor, which gives off a stench in spite of its elegance ...''

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