Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Egyptian Movie posters #1

Girls of the Night [banat el lail] (1955)

 [Bahbouh Afandi] (1958) - (Ismail Yasin) 

The Emigration of the Prophet [Hijrat A Rassoul] (1962)

A Man in Our House  1961

Adventures of Ismail Yasseen, The [moghamerat Ismail Yassine] (1954)  

Agent 77 {ameel 77} - (Farid Shawqi) 

Beloved Country {Balad el Mahboub}  (1951) 

Bombah  (1952)

Boy of My Dreams, The [fata ahlami] (1957) 

Dead among the Living [bedaya wa nehaya] (1960) 

Enemy of Women {adu al-maraa} (1966) 

Farewell My Love {Wadda'tu Hubbak}  (1957) 

Father Wants a Wife,  [Baba Areess] (1950) 

Festival of Love [Mahrajan Al-Hub] (1958) 

Footprints in the Sand [Asar fil-Ramal] (1954) 

Goha's Nail [mismar goha] (1952)

House Number 13 {El manzel rakam tletash} (1952) 

I Am Justice  [Ana el adala] (1961) 

I am the Past {Ana al Maadi}- (1951)

I Love My Master , [Gharam el assiad] (1961)

I and My Mother {Ana wa ommi} (1960) 

Light in the Night [nour el Lail] (1959) 

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