Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kilink films

Kilink Istanbul'da (Kilink in Istanbul) (1967) was the first of at least 10 films made in Turkey staring the Fumetti Super Villain.  Turkey in the mid-sixties when the film industry in this part of the world was at its peak produced a flurry of low budget Bad Films, many featured unauthorized use of characters from other countries.
In his first film he fights the son of a slain enemy who becomes Captain Marvel who gets his super powers by saying Shazam,  even if he looks like a hybrid of Superman and Batman.

See it here

Other titles include;
Kilink uçan adama karsi (Killing vs. the Flying Man)(1967)
Kilink: Strip and Kill (Kilink soy ve öldür) (1967)
Disi Killing (1967) With a female version of the villain.
Killing vs. Frankenstein (1967)
Sihirbazlar Krali Mandrake Killing'in pesinde (Killing vs. Mandrake)(1967) Where he battles the comic strip hero.
and Cango korkusuz adam - ölüm süvaris (Kilink vs Django) (1967) With Kilink as the death rider in an unauthorized sequel to the Italian spaghetti Western.

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