Saturday, April 13, 2013

Call Her Savage (1932)

Clara Bow had one of the most tragic lives in the history of Hollywood. This is a pre-code melodramatic marvel filled with plot twists. Madness, prostitution, race mixing, infant death and an intergenerational curse are some of the issues touched on. It also has one of the earliest depictions of a gay act in talkies.

Often erroneously cited as the first film showing a gay bar - it in reality shows what others have called a "Sissy Act" two mincing young men dressed as chambermaids singing about their interest in sailors.
The bar is described by this dialog:  
"Well, you said you wanted to go slumming, so I picked a place to eat in the Village. Only wild poets and anarchists eat there. It's pretty tough."

Dead link to YouTube

The original novel and the movie tie in:

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