Sunday, June 9, 2013

Honeymoon Tracy and Different Planet Marriage.

Zontar by Its nature supports all efforts to tie the planets together. From Earthly state legislatures to the Ruling Consuls of the miners of the Boiling Sulfur Pits of Venus Zontar has supported Proposition Z with its advancement of Different Planet Marriage.

Now the fight has a face.  Honeymoon Tracy has been named official poster child and Spokes Entity for this noble cause.

Born in space between the worlds of her parents, Dick Tracy Jr. and Mysta (Moon Maid) Tracy, Honeymoon has overcome tragedy and adversity to become a role model to a grateful Universe.

Although not technically from another planet, Moon Maid's Extraterrestrial origin caused her future father-in Law to question her relationship with his adopted Son and namesake.

Tracy soon "evolved" on the subject and blessed the union.  The couple were married in October, 1964.  Mysta was the daughter of the Moon Governor and was able to bring the different populations together.  Soon Moon Maid was touring Universities and gag writing for the popular minimalist Newspaper Strip "Saw Dust". (Similar to Sparkle Plenty's first husband Vera Alldid's strip "The Invisible Tribe")

In 1965 Honeymoon was born and the family experienced a short period of bliss.  All too soon Moon Maid was lost to a car bomb meant for her famous Father-in-Law.

Eventually Dick Tracy Jr. married the divorced Sparkle Plenty and she adopted Honeymoon. Soon the forces of repression emboldened by victories in the White House dumped all records of the Moon People down the Memory Hole.

Even little Honeymoon was denied half her heritage. For so many people of conscious the Ronald Reagan years and their long aftermath were difficult for the Tracy family. This time in the wilderness has been brought to an end by the recent cloning of Moon Maid.  It is now time for Honeymoon Tracy to live the potential of her Mixed Planet ancestry .

Clone Moon Maid meets Honeymoon Tracy 5-31-13

Add 9/25/17: Well she was not a real clone, but at least they restored some of the history.

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