Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Anderson's UFO (1970) #2

UFO board game-  
UFO DISTRUGGETE BASE LUNA board game, produced by SALINI in 1974 Italian

Italian UFO school excercise books - 1974.

UFO picture story and record set  released by Biken in Japan. 1971

UK "Red Alert" Game: In the early 1970's, UK Quaker Oats puffed wheat cereal boxes had a mail-away offer for a UFO board game called "Red Alert". This game could be played in the dark because it had a glow-in-the-dark board & pieces.

American UFO Viewmaster: In 1969, GAF produced a UFO Viewmaster using photos taken during the filming of the episode CLOSE UP

British Viewmaster Booklet 

German Viewmaster Package

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  1. I had the Red Alert glow in the dark UFO game - I saved up the Quaker Oats tokens and sent away for it - it was great to play in the dark. Unfortunately this, plus a load of early issues of Marvel and DC comics, was thrown away by my mother when I went away to be a student at College.