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Bathman dal pianeta Eros (1982) aka Klito Bell

Text web translated from Italian Wikipedia;

"Bathbaby, my dear, some days I feel a bit 'weird. Every now and then are attacked by a desire for female, you know? 

Bathman from the planet Eros is a pornographic film of 1982 directed by Anthony D'Agostino (under the pseudonym Richard Bennett). 
The film is a parody key pornographic cartoon Batman. The characters are deliberately grotesque and sometimes ridiculous. The film is also known for being the first example of Italian porn-comic. The screenplay was written by Antonio D'Agostino. 
It was released on home video under the title Klito-Bell.

(Not New York - but an odd mirror flipped pan of Boston's Back Bay and Beacon hill is shown)

City of New York, a commissioner with no holds barred fights against crime and organized crime. To help in the daily struggle is Bathman, masked hero a little 'clumsy, who roams the countryside daily aboard a rickety velocipede. Bathman originally came from the remote planet Eros, planet from which was known with the name of Eroticon. At the same planet also lived Bathbaby, note, however, with the name of Klito Bell. Both were known in the world for their excellent qualities intercourse. But after having traveled on Earth had finally put aside their prerogative to love only for fighting against crime. Then the lord of the planet Eros, taken aback by this, send Elios, a robot idiot on Earth to redeem the two makeshift heroes. Meanwhile, the delinquency rule in the American metropolis: young women are being raped by criminals hired by the mysterious Poker. The Commissioner is transformed into homosexual thanks to a prodigious range used by Catwoman and the wife of the commissioner is also raped (at the behest of the Penguin), although it seems then appreciate. In all these situations intervenes clumsily Bathman with the help of the faithful wife. But the order will be restored soon: Elios with an ingenious plan will ensure that all the characters, good and bad, to find themselves alone in a room (under the guise of an invitation to a party) will be stripped naked thanks to the powers of the robot and, after an inevitable orgy, put aside their differences and will no longer be enemies.
Anthology trash is the opening scene in which Bathman along a country lane at the edge of his bicyclo then inadvertently stumble upon a grave. 
The movie was filmed in the town of Rignano Flaminio.

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