Thursday, October 16, 2014

Belzeba - Italian Fumetto 1970's

Belzeba is the hermaphroditic daughter of the Devil.

Web translated from Italian Wikiperia:

Belzeba figlia del Diavolo is a cartoon character created by Sandro Angiolini (1920-1985) in 1977 for the Italian publishing EdiFumetto founded by Renzo Barbieri within its line of erotic comics (fumetti per adulti). Born the belly of a beast-cow-a, Belzeba Devil's daughter, who sends it to Earth to thwart Tomas de Torquemada, Inquisitor General of Aragon and Castile during the reign of the Catholic Kings. Conceived as a cunning, cruel and lascivious character, the "Princess of Hell" is characterized by hermaphrodite condition. 

Over 30 episodes and 2 supplements ("I Lussuriosi mori" and "Belzeba e il cavalieri" I posted this last Notturni # 24, June 1978) published in Italy from 1977, built a full Angiolini saga blood, violence and horror, steeped in black humor with his signature erotic and grotesque, promptly explicit style, brushing often vulgar. A saga that pivots on the clash between Belzeba and implacable Inquisitor General.

Belzeba, despite its hermaphroditic condition occurs with completely feminine look, as a short-of blond woman with two strands of hair upright way of horns, beautiful and round shapes. Amoral, perverse, sadistic, sexually liberated, when it was created yet the consequences of the sexual revolution were experienced, lacks any hindrance when using violence to get rid of your opponents or to achieve its purposes, or for any moral restraint enjoy insatiable sexual appetites sadistic overtones, with men and women. 

Conceived as an erotic entertainment, in the series lies a critique of hypocrisy and sexual repression embodied in the totalitarian nature of the Inquisition and the authoritarian politics of the Catholic Monarchs. A criticism on the development of the argument does not arise in a Manichean, as the negative image of fundamentalist Catholicism is not released and contrasts with the pagan attitude of the protagonist-and his father, Satan, because Belzeba is a very ambiguous character if it can sometimes act a certain vigilante impulse usually is so cruel and ruthless as Torquemada, although his fighting power can awaken in the reader certain rebellious sympathies. 

Basking in all kinds of rugged situations in which an almost complete list of paraphilias listed, the series has a completely deprejuiciado approach, avoiding any moral alibi for addressing sexual issues.

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