Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SUN-KOH (Heir of Atlantis) the Aryan Doc Savage #1

The following was pieced together from various sources including web translations from German - additions and corrections welcome.

150 issues were published from 1933-1945 and an edited reprint was published from 1958 to 1961 without the racist, anti-Semitic and Nazi propaganda. Modern reprints (2005, 2014) give us the originals with historical context added. 

He was a six foot six bronze skinned brilliant superman with a crew of specialized sidekicks like Doc Savage but instead of science Sun Koh and his gang are steeped in magic, mysticism and Nazi pseudo-history.

Sun Koh fell from the sky with a parachute in London wearing only pajamas in his first appearance. He is soon revealed as the Prince of an Aryan Atlantis. Tibet figured prominently in these stories and the ravings of the Ahnenerbe institute. 

He finds a twin brother among the Mayans, visits the Hollow Earth and raises Atlantis. He had a tattoo on his back and left side which depicted Atlantis.

An ethnic sidekick black prizefighter and undefeated heavyweight boxer Jack Holligan from the tribe of the Yoruba was reportedly killed off at the request of Nazi officials when Jessie Owens had his triumph at the 1936 Olympics.

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