Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kronos - Italian Fumetto Jungle Sci Fi

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Kronos is a comics character from Italy designed by Ugolini for Loredano It Intrepido . In France , the character has had his own magazine in Sag├ędition time 8 issues before migrating temporarily in the journal Rintintin then settle in Titi pocket of No. 16 to No. 30 .

Kronos lives in a post-apocalyptic world back to prehistory. In the first episode (in Kronos 1, reprinted in Titi pocket No. 16) , we see how he is banished from his tribe because he is different and therefore accused the group's woes. So by visiting this strange mutant world where there are still some vestiges of the past. He will meet with Iron Head robot and some other strange characters or tribes.

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