Thursday, November 1, 2012

El Siniestro Dr. Mortis

 Web translation;
The sinister Doctor Mortis is the personage of the radioteatro, the television, the comic and the Chilean novel created by the writer and actor Juan Marine Hair since the decade of 1940.  The Doctor Mortis is the central personage of a literary universe and graphic created by Marine and that is framed in the kinds of the terror, the suspense, the mystery, the police one and the science fiction.  

Originally the personage was created for his diffusion in the Chilean radial middle in the decade of 1940, in the form of a radioteatro that lasted to principles of the years 80.  This radioteatro, transmitted in successive radio stations through the years, in which he emphasized Radio Entries of Santiago, was the nocturnal companion habitual of generations of Chileans that have not forgot its so characteristic introduction: was initiated with the ominous opening of "A night in the Bald Mount" of Mussorgsky, followed by the presentation of the host at night, the own doctor Mortis-In charge of its author-, who emitted a sonorous laughter that bristled the hair; subsequently, the narration of a history-done by the same doctor came- dramatized by a notable team Of actors and a cash unfold of sounds.  In these dramatizations the doctor was used to relating in third person, although at times he participated as the protagonist.  During the decade from 1960 the personage was published through the comic being published to the middle of the years 70 by different editorial; they were reached to publish some 170 numbers and again they flowed in its publication a pléyade of excellent cartoonists; one must emphasize the notable hyphens of Eva Martinic, wife of Juan Marine.  In this decade until came enter briefly in the television.  The personage and its universe survived their creator and to the cessation of the radioteatro and the original comic, being again reprinted in 2011 under the form of graphic novel and comics compilations; 1 thus same, is a referring one obliged on the Internet, where their old radioteatros and their comics have been replacements by their fans.  

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