Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Space Age Sexploitation


  1. From being a kid in the 60s & 70s, this is all wonderful nostalgia.
    Turkeys from the Transistor Age .... low budgets but trying to bring
    sights or something not from the suburbs.
    Some are gems.... Women From The Prehistoric Planet... Starcrash.
    Thanks for the memories

  2. Wow this is some incredible stuff! As a big fan of space-age artwork, I am searching all around for a higher quality scan of the one image of the girl in a spacesuit, floating and giving the peace sign... but to no avail. Do you happen to know anybody who actually owns a copy of this issue? If you happen to know anybody or if you indeed have this in your possession, is there any way to obtain some a higher res scan of that one image? It would be an incredibly kind deed. Thanks for considering!

    1. Sorry, I own very few of the items pictured here. A Google images search did not turn up any better scans…