Friday, July 2, 2021

My film history schools #3 Harvard Film Archive


This is the only venue still showing films of the 5 "schools" and IMHO the ugliest. (I’m no fan of  Brutalist architecture, it seems to express the powerful giving back nothing) I have not lived in Boston for 20 years now. so I have no info on its later years, but I started going to the public showings from their start around 1979. Memorable highlights were completing my viewings of Luis Buñuel’s Mexican movies and a showing of “The Spook who sat by the door” (1973) with a phone interview with Ivan Dixon who was much more interested in talking about his later films

El 1953


Illusion Travels by Streetcar 1954

Robinson Crusoe 1954

Wuthering Heights 1954

The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz 1955

The Young One 1960

Its an Art Film/Its an Exploitation Film


The Spook who sat by the Door 1973

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